Have you ever enjoyed a coffee SO much that you just had to close your eyes and let yourself breathe out with a long “ahhhhh” after each sip? Us too! So you take notes on what coffee it was in hopes you can relive that moment again and again. Let’s say it was a light roast from Alajuela, Costa Rica. You buy from another roaster this time but you were careful to buy the same light roast from Alajuela, Costa Rica and even found that it’s from the same farm. You get it home and can’t wait to brew it up and have that zen “ahhhhh” moment again - but this time, it tastes completely different and you can’t understand why! You did everything right: it’s from the same country, the same region, even the same farm and it’s a light roast - where did you go wrong? 

If you bit into a granny smith apple one day and a red delicious the next day, you wouldn't expect them to taste the same would you? Of course not. Even if they were grown on the same apple orchard they aren’t going to taste the same because they’re just two different types of apples.

When you walk down the wine aisle at the grocery store, the wines are typically categorized by varietal; cabernet, chardonnay, merlot. It would be frustrating if you went to grab a bottle of pinot noir only to find the wine was re-categorized by country, not varietal; wouldn’t it?

We want to eliminate that frustration. That's why all our coffees are titled by the two factors that most differentiate one coffee from another: process and varietal (ex: Natural Pacamara). By clearly labeling these two distinguishing factors, you can learn what flavors and characteristics you can expect from each varietal. This allows you to better understand what coffees you really enjoy. In this way, you CAN relive that “ahhhhh” moment again and again.

Goose Bear is a small family coffee business made up of two parents and two kids. Jeremy & Melissa are the mom & pop, Gwennie is the goose & Finn is the bear. The name Goose Bear is obviously a mashup of the two pet names of the kiddos but it’s also emblematic of the curiosity in which we hope you will approach our coffees to find what coffees you really love and why.

Stay Curious.