Catuai [Hazelnut • Vanilla • Fresh Bread]

  • Catuai [Hazelnut • Vanilla • Fresh Bread]

You'll feel sophisticated when you put this coffee to your lips. We taste notes of hazelnut, vanilla and fresh baked bread. The kind of flavors that make your pinky finger feel right at home extended out.

Catuai (pronounced cat-why-ee) is the Pinot Noir of coffee varieties. It’s on the lighter side of the spectrum but is just perfect for a warm summer day when you still want a hot cup of joe in your hands. This particular Catuai is from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil and it might just transport you back there when you close your eyes and take a sip.

This is a naturally processed Catuai which means the coffee cherries were picked and dried as-is instead of removing the outer skin and washing. This brings the natural (get it) characteristics of the coffee to the surface and highlights the unique flavors in your cup you won't soon forget.

Net Weight: 200g / 7.5oz