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Heirloom [Grape • Lemon Citrus • Black Tea]

  • Heirloom [Grape • Lemon Citrus • Black Tea]

Deliciously smooth, fruit-forward and wild with notes of grape, lemon citrus and black tea. If you're new to specialty coffee, you've never tasted anything like this... prepare to fall in love.
Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia centuries ago but what makes the Ethiopian Heirloom variety super special is the fact that variety can vary from village to village.

The heritage of coffee production is handed down from generation to generation over centuries and therefore the flavor characteristics are shaped over time by the soil, weather and elevation. This particular coffee is from the Uraga region in southern Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Heirlooms are often characterized by their fruit-forward qualities and are known for their unique ability to highlight natural fruit flavors including everything from citrus fruits, tropical fruits, berries and everything in between. They're mysteriously delicious.
This is a washed Ethiopian Heirloom which means it follow the washed process of picking the coffee cherry, immediately removing the outer pulp and mucilage from the seeds (beans) and drying them to the proper density before they are ready to be exported for roasting. This results in a clean and well-balanced cup, however the wonderfully wild characteristics of the Natural Heirloom still come through beautifully.

Net Weight: 200g / 7.5oz