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Javanica [Complex • Pineapple • Honey]

  • Javanica [Complex • Pineapple • Honey]

A complex yet delicate delight of a coffee with notes of pineapple and honey that smells almost as good as it tastes.
Even if you're a coffee know-it-all, Javanica is probably not a varietal you're familiar with. In fact, it is only found at Fincas Mierisch, who own/operate Limocillo coffee farm in Matagalpa Nicaragua. In 2001, coffee farmer Esteban Mierisch was offered coffee seeds by a man selling fruit on the side of the road. Skeptical, but intrigued, he purchased the seeds and planted them.

Later he discovered the man selling these coffee seeds was actually from a nursery project called UNICAFE who’s goal was to introduce exotic varietals and study their productivity and disease resistance. It turned out, the variety did not turn out to be resistant to any of the major coffee diseases, but it was in fact the longberry Ethiopian variety that was taken to the island of Java where it got it’s name. Given it’s new home in Nicaragua, Esteban dubbed it “Javanica”, and it’s since placed many times in the Cup Of Excellence in Nicaragua, most recently taking 4th place in 2017.
The "natural" in "Natural Javanica" means this is a naturally processed coffee. Natural process, unwashed or dry process all refer to the same method of processing that involves drying the coffee beans with the coffee cherry outer skin and mucilage still on the bean. About 95% of coffee in the world follows a washed process in which the coffee cherry is picked, the outer skin and mucilage are removed and the coffee beans are dried as quickly as possible.

Natural process can take 3-6 weeks where as washed process can take 1-2 weeks. Because the beans of naturally processed coffees are encased in the coffee cherry during the drying process, the result of flavors are generally more fruit-forward and full-bodied which highlight the natural characteristics of the coffee.

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