Typica [Brown Sugar • Plum • Molasses]

  • Typica [Brown Sugar • Plum • Molasses]

It’s sweet like your favorite aunt. Not over the top sweet but just right. We taste notes of brown sugar, plum and molasses with a silky smooth finish. If you enjoy coffee by a campfire on a cold morning (who doesn't) this coffee is a dream to sip on.

Typica (pronounced ti-pik-ah) is one of the most iconic coffee varieties and can be traced back to the birthplace of coffee in Ethiopia. This particular Typica is from the La Paz region on Honduras and with an elevation of 1,520 meters above sea level it produces an bangin' body that just don't quit.

This is a naturally processed Typica which means the coffee cherries were picked and dried as-is instead of removing the outer skin and washing. This brings the natural (get it) characteristics of the coffee to the surface and highlights the unique flavors in your cup you won't soon forget.

Net Weight: 200g / 7.5oz